Sunday, 7 July 2013

52 Weeks of Happy and a bit more.

Hi, It's that time of the week again to show some of the things that have made me happy this week. So linking in with Little Birdie here are this week's happy moments.
Week 27
1-7th July
Well, it has been an incredibly busy week and one full of good things happening.
The school magazine final copy came and was sent out to parents- When I volunteered to be editor way back last summer I didn't expect me to be so worried about getting it right- but after lots of trials, trauma and tweaking- Finally got it done. So very pleased it is finished

Bought my self a new phone- My old one disappeared and despite much hesitancy, I decided to step into the 21st century and get a smart phone- It's not even out of the box yet- and will probably take a few months to work out how to use it- But I like it!

Started packing for my trip home :)

Had a great Birthday- with celebrations that lasted a couple of days


 Attended a weekend Yoga course_ Yes I know this looks like some form of punishment- But I was being stretched at the time- I was still smiling so it wasn't that bad!
  It made a change being a student rather than being in front of a class of kids- and I enjoyed learning new things. It was actually a course to enable teachers to teach yoga and movement as part of our PE lessons at school.

 Another milestone completed- After weeks of auditions, rehearsals, music lesson and planning- we held our end of year production on Thursday. We had a showcase and talent show. It was great to see all our kids on stage giving everything their best shot. It all came together exactly as planned and everyone had a great time doing it. A very happy night.
Birthdays- What's not to smile about- Ok yes, Getting older! But it's nice to celebrate it with everyone. Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes- It's very kind.
Had a lovely day on Friday and then it culminated today as my friends had clubbed together to treat me to a WHITE WATER RAFTING experience. They knew I'd been wanting to do it for ages.  So off we all went this morning and had a great time! I'll post some photos of the trip once I get some sorted- But it was fun!

 This was just before we set off downstream. There'll be more photos to follow:)

 So I've had a busy yet enjoyable week. Next week is equally as hectic as it's the last week of term. I'm going to try and catch up with some blog reading and add a few more post too!
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You might also want to catch up on my Camerashy challenge or my Made with Love Scavenger Hunt. I have another scavenger hunt I want to post too- but there's just not enough hours in the day!
I hope you've had a good week too
 Keep smiling,
Amanda x


  1. You've had a busy week full of fun things! I'm glad you had a nice birthday. The yoga picture is funny, you do look sort of beset but I know it must have felt great to get all that stretching.

    1. Well, as I haven't done yoga for years- there was an awful lot to stretch!

  2. Lots of lovely 'happies' in your busy week. I used to do yoga regularly a few years ago but have somehow got out of the habit. It does make you feel fit and supple with all the stretching. I hope you manage to sort out your new phone:)

    1. Well the yoga is a relatively new thing too- I used to do it a long time ago- but now I've started again - It's still a very steep learning curve.

  3. Sounds like you had a great week, like the sound of the white water rafting.


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