Sunday, 14 July 2013

52 weeks of Happy

Hi, It's that time of the week again to show some of the things that have made me happy this week. So linking in with Little Birdie here are this week's happy moments.
Week 28
8-14th July
 mmm- now that's what i call a breakfast!
Evenings at home, making the most of the long hours
Another beautiful sunset

Gifts, cards...and sushi- all great end of term presents.
 That's my week- hope you had a good one too!
Amanda x


  1. Looks like another great week, I bet your having fun now.

  2. Glad you arrived home safely. Looking forward to lovely pics of Cumbria. x

  3. Lot's of lovely happiness ~ Sarah x

  4. Great happies this week. How lovely to have all those end of term presents:)

  5. A wonderful garden to relax in - looks very pretty. I love the sunset too.


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