Wednesday, 31 July 2013

52 Weeks of Happies

This is another late posting as I was without internet over the weekend, whilst I was at the Rewind festival, stuck in a tent etc etc.I'll tell you all about it later:)  But anyway here goes- My Happy photos: 
July 22nd- 28th
This is one of my favourite view from home- Despite this being on a very dark and rainy day, I love the sweep of the view. This is heading towards the Caldbeck Fells. This is taken from the top of Calbeck Common looking toward Carrock Fell and High Pike. The Northern Fells are a bit stark, but still beautiful in their own way- and they certainly do not get the heaves of walkers and tourists that dominate all the other fells.
Rewind Festival- Well what can I say! Jason Donavan, Human League, Tony Hadley ... The list goes on. Definitely a happy 80's weekend!
This is Izzy and Zepp. They love it when Aunty Manda comes to play- as I'm the one daft enough to play ball games and throw things for them endlessly! I always seem to forget how much fun it can be having two excitable Labradors to play with. Despite leaving my sister's house covered  in dog hairs and slobbered all over, I always love having them around.

Maybe this is a bit self indulgent- but I'm feeling quite pleased with myself at the minute. Coming home this summer has been a time of reflection and reminiscing. It's been lovely to catch up with everyone and even more of an ego boost when everyone says how well and happy you look. (Even more so when you bump into your ex boyfriend who says you look amazing- a very nice ego boost, thank you very much!) I know I have a great life abroad, I probably feel the fittest and healthiest I have in a while and even though I know that this can't last- I am going to have to come back here sooner rather than later-I feel I'm ready to make the most of my next year in Asia. Changes are definitely ahead- but for now I'm just going to enjoy life as it's thrown at me:)
Hope you're having a good week.
Amanda x


  1. So many lovely moments, it must be the time for change.

  2. I'm so glad to know you're having such a good time. You do look well and happy. I am sure the changes will be the right ones but for now, enjoy yourself and be contented. :)

  3. Lovely view of the fells and I'd be the daft one playing with the dogs too! You do look happy and healthy - enjoy every second of it. x

  4. That view from your home is gorgeous! That kind of scenery makes me feel very alive! Enjoy!

    1. I certainly shall try to make the most of it:)

  5. Great happies, I love the view of the fells. I like the places that less tourists visit too. The 80s festival sounds great, I'd have loved it.

  6. You look great Amanda and I am so pleased that you are happy!!!


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