Thursday, 7 November 2013

10 Things Thursday!

I apologise for the lack of posts recently- even my regular, Wednesday and Saturday shots were amiss! Just call it complete and utter foolishness- As for the majority of last week I walked around taking the usual tons of photos- without putting a card in the camera!!! Mourning the loss of all the photos that never were- and of course, I'm sure one would have been so good it was National Geographic certainity (!?!) I then let my camera battery die down! In the words of Del Boy "What a Plonker".
To top it all then the laptop went on the blink!!
Hopefully all normality is restored, with just a little bit of a hiccup! 'Ten Things Thursday' instead of Tuesday- why not- it still has a little bit of alliteration. A continuation of all those wonderful and bright colourful photos that cheered us up all last week:)
A garden windmill- not only bright but shiny too!
A colourful collection of Chinese knots
 Flowers everywhere
A stack of rainbow coloured frames amonst rainbow coloured stationery. (I have to be very strong willed not to buy everything from this shop!!)
Jelly Beans!
Freshly dyed yarn
More sweeties!
Someone couldn't decide what colour to paint their house! So they did it all colours!
Luscious lips, on a hoarding in Singapore
Little India :)
There you are, a little more colour to come your way.
I 'm off to Singapore tomorrow for the weekend, so I shall post when I get back and tell you all the things I have been up to- That's as long as I remember to charge my battery, put a card in my camera ....
Until next time, Amanda x


  1. oh dear, let's hope everything goes smoothly from now on! Lovely colourful pictures.

  2. So frustrating when things like that happen. At least you are sorted out again now. Your colour pictures are lovely. xx

  3. Love your photos Amanda. Enjoy Singapore and don't forget the SD card for your camera!
    Patricia x

  4. I thought I was the only one who did things like that! Your colour photos are a welcome splash of colour in a dreary November. Enjoy Singapore!

  5. So many pretty colours, have a fun weekend away.

  6. I'm having camera trouble too - the battery has died and won't hold its charge, and it's surprisingly difficult to get a replacement. Having to use my older camera instead - I'm not happy! Well, not until I saw you lovely colouful photos anyway :)


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