Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday Snaps

A photograph, each Saturday- Quirky or Serious?, Fun or Interesting?, Real or Abstract?
A comment or not, a thought, a quote or whatever-Let the pictures do the talking

I seem to have a thing for finding children looking out of windows! Not the clearest of photos this week- getting an angle without electricity wires, lamps etc is an impossibility in the middle of town- but just saw this and took a snap. Two for the price of one:)


  1. She's adorable but she's making me a little nervous. :)

  2. Yes, there doesn't seem to be anything to keep them in!

  3. She is a little cutie, but I don't like the look of where she is sitting.

    1. I know! There were a lot of families next to the windows, no one seems to bother about how high up they are or how low the window is!


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