Tuesday, 11 June 2013

10 Things Tuesday- Creatures and Critters of Borneo

This week I decided to post a few pictures of the animals that live here in Borneo. This obviously isn't a definitive list! Just a few of my photos of some of those I have seen-I would love to be able to say I'd seen a pygmy elephant, a Whale Shark or Sumatran Rhino (All possibilities, but very rare) or even have photos of things I'd seen, but were camera shy- Gibbons, Crocs and Hornbills to name but a few.

So anyway- here goes my top ten list of Animal Favourites here in Borneo.

1. Orang Utan

 It has to be number one doesn't it- They look so cute! Even though I have seen them in the wild, it's not really conducive to getting good shots as they tend to be at the top of a tree, hidden by foliage and a mile away from where you are- So these photos were taken at the three Sanctuaries/ rehabilitation centres that care for young Orang-utans and then release them back into the wild. Just look at those eyes! So cute, but still wild at heart :)

2. Proboscis Monkeys

 Another true Borneo Experience- The Proboscis monkey. A very distinct looking fellow complete with orange jacket and large nose. These were taken alongside the Kinabatagan River and at the Klias wetlands, here in Sabah.

3. Turtles

Not Brilliant photos- but it was very dark and the turtle had come to lay her eggs on the beach. The little ones were being released back to the sea after hatching at Turtle Island Park. The night I visited 64 little turtles were sent back to the sea. Very few, if any, are likely to survive- but we had our fingers crossed that some of these little ones do. There are 3 different species of turtles around here, Green, Leatherback and Hawksbill.
4. Bats of Mulu
3 million bats at large! A truly strange phenomenon, most evenings there is a mass exodus of Wrinkled Lipped Bats, that fly out of the caves at Mulu National Park. 
5. Monitor Lizards
 I took this photo at Turtle Island, but it could be anyway around here. Although, this is the first time I've seen such a big one climbing trees! The lizards are one of the reasons the little turtle hatchlings don't survive the night!
6. Primates
 More cute monkeys- Most of the monkeys we see are Long Tailed Macaques, and they do tend to be very cheeky:) They have a tendency to rummage through bins and bags if they get close enough. One such monkey had quite a feast on home made sweet mince pies, whilst I was having a dip in the sea!
7. Snakes
 Just a few snakes around and about- usually thin Vine Snakes or Mangrove Snakes. I'm just glad I have never come across anything bigger.
8. Frogs and Toads
These ones were found at Mulu- I called them the What What frogs as they made the exact same noise as someone saying, what, what, what? Very loudly! For something so small, they sure make a lot of noise!
9. Ants
Every size imaginable- from the tiniest speck of a Sugar Ant to a large inch long one- Ants just get everywhere!
9. Giant Snails

 Again at Mulu- Two snails having a race up a tree! It'll take them an awfully long time to get back down again! These were about the length of my hand!

10. Insects
Ok I cheated, there's more than 10- but how do you distinguish this little lot? Bugs of all shapes and sizes- moths, beetles, Millipedes, spiders, Stick insects, Leaf insects and Praying Mantis.
There you go- a glimpse of my back yard critters- A bit different to the Rabbits and moles that I would get back in England:)
Until next time,
Amanda x


  1. I really enjoyed this post, what wonderful wildlife :)

    1. Yes, I've been lucky to get out and about to see what I do.

  2. What a great post. I love these photos. They have a lot of unusual creatures there!

    1. I know- some of which I'd never even heard of. All I knew about Borneo were the Orang Utans:)

  3. You're really lucky to have been able to see these in the wild - or near to at least. The last creepy crawly one is one of the reasons I haven't been to anywhere really exotic though. I'll stick with the rabbits and moles :)

    1. Yes, I'm lucky. It is rare to see the orang-utans in the wild and so when we did it was magical:)I'm not so much a fan of creepy crawlies either- but I hve got better since living here.

  4. Oh my!I envy you, except for the snake part of course! You're so lucky to have seen these animals!

    1. I am , aren't I- I wasn't a big fan of snakes either- but I don't mind so much now- although if one came out at me- I would run for a mile!

  5. Wow so many lovely animals, you have seen.

    1. I've been very lucky- and I'll still keep hoping I'll get to see pygmy elephants yet:)


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