Sunday, 18 January 2015

Six Words - Enough

Never enough time just to sit
to read, to ponder, to think.
Never enough hours in the day
to do everything that you want,
Nor that needs to be done
So we prioritise, just do enough
to keep the wheels in motion,
and those that we love happy.
So without regret, we carry on,
Knowing there will be a time
when things are less hectic. But
our days would still be filled,
with a hundred and one things,
because that's who we really are,
Not happy unless we are busy.
Sometimes we're our own worst enemy!

Joining in with Adrienne for a late Six Words Friday.

Amanda xx


  1. Indeed, we often are our own worst enemies aren't we! xx

  2. hi amanda, could you contact me re the send a little love swap as glenda is having trouble contacting you xx thank you xx


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