Friday, 9 January 2015

Six words Friday -Water

Hi there. Joining in with Adrienne at, I'm continuing with my Six Words Friday. My laptop is out of action at the moment ( I somehow managed to smash the screen on New Year's Day!) so that just leaves me my iPad to use to write my posts. So unfortunately clever links, commenting and flash looking stuff will just have to wait!

However, what doesn't have to wait, is this week's prompt of 'Water'.
'Dreaming of blue, crystal clear waters
And sunshine that warms my bones.
In reality, grey days, flooded fields 
And water flowing from the sky
Like a constant freezing cold shower.
Oh, the joys of Cumbrian weather!

Happy Friday,
Amanda x


  1. today is sunny here in New England (USA) and warmer than it has been. I can't wait to get out for a bit of a walk.

  2. I'm living for Hawaii in about six weeks! I think dreary rain is harder to take than snow, so I'm glad Colorado has snow instead of Cumbrian rain! Stay warm, Amanda!

  3. That warm water looks good to me, too! I love the last shot looking through the raindrops!

  4. Blue, crystal clear waters sound (and look) inviting.

  5. Oh to be by the clear crystal waters, but the lakes of Cumbria are wonderful at any time of year aren't they! xx

  6. What a contrast ... that sea at the top looks deliciously restful. You are managing well in posting without your laptop!


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