Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday - Neither Wordless Nor Wanderlust

Hello there. Thanks for coming back to Graham's Landing. It's nice to see you. 
It's Wednesday and it's blowing a gale, pouring down with rain and the temperature is right at the bottom of the scale.
What happened to my feelings of wanderlust and dreams of warmer climes? Well, the idea is still there...but then I remembered wordless Wednesday's. I used to love doing my old regular wordless Wednesday posts..just a photo and nothing else. but you know me too well, more often than not I still had something to say! So I have decided to resurrect WW, alongside my Wanderlust, just to add a bit of variety.
To add another reason for this week's decision, is that I am still without computer access:( No laptop equates to no proper photos nor any archives. The computer shop are unable to repair it, so it may be a while before I am back to normal. Until then I have to rely on my iPad and some dodgy mobile photos!

So to conclude, here is my Wordless Wednesday shot. A few early snowdrops, done for a change in black and white.

See you soon,
Amanda x

(Joining in with Adrienne at for Black and White Wednesday)


  1. Your snowdrops are lovely and need no words. As for your problem, I know that I rely on my computer a bit more than I should and have learned to back up all photos online and on a disc. That might sound like overkill, but better safe than sorry!

  2. Yes, I would be devastated if I lost all my photos. I have most of them backed up on an external harddrive but I can't get them off that to put on my iPad. I haven't used a cloud or anything, partly cos I'm not really sure how it all works. It was lovely for you to pop by, thanks x

  3. Although I can use my iPad to write a post, try as I might I can never upload photos from those I have stored there. So I have to switch to my laptop. Very annoying. Any tips would be great! Lovely snowdrops. P x

  4. And it's funny, but the whiteness of the snowdrops seems to show up even more in the monochrome ... To move photos around from computer/iPad/iphone, I use a great app called Photo Transfer so that I avoid all the complication of the cloud.

  5. Lovely to see them in black and white, you see the shapes and image so much more without colour! xx


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