Saturday, 10 May 2014

Clouds- Six Words Friday / Saturday

Yes, I know it's a Saturday now with me, but it's still Friday somewhere! A little late- apologies!
These images were taken of yet another spectacular sunset here in KK. No doctoring, no photoshop, just straight out of camera- It hardly looks real!
So Joining in with Adrienne for 'Six Words Friday'- here is my take on Clouds.

Looking like the sky's on fire,
flames from the earths fiery monster 
breathing orange as it devours daylight.
Pouring billowing clouds of hot breath
 across the dark flat shadowed landscape,
like a raging dragon's molten breath.

 See you soon,
Amanda x


  1. Fantastic photos!!!!! They really are beautiful. xx

  2. Just amazing, looks like the sky is on fire.

  3. Wow, Theresa, fabuloso! If you painted that, people would say you painted a fantasy. But ain't no arguing with straight from the camera -and your words. Happy Weekend, dear internet friend :)

  4. Beautiful photos! And such a great six word verse describing them!!

  5. They really are splendid! it must have been wonderful just standing underneath all of that ...


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