Tuesday, 20 May 2014

10 Things Tuesday- In the mail!

I don't know about you but I love getting snail mail. Be it a quick postcard or a parcel- it's all very exciting. I often get packets from home, sent from my grandma, full of bits and pieces about things going on. There are usually lots of press cuttings from the local newspapers about things happening in then town, there may be an obituary or two, some interesting articles from the local magazines and more often than not some Lakeland scenes and photos. Then there's the little note that goes with it- a lot of 'neither nowt nor summat' as we say in our part of the woods- the daily trivia and minutiae that my grandma knows that I would find interesting.

But recently I have had a lot more mail, which has been great. Partly because of some fabulous blog swaps but also because of my involvement in the post crossing initiative. It's been great, never knowing what to expect when I open my little mail box. So for my Ten Things Tuesday, I thought i would share some of my mail:)

 A 'Liberating Your Art Swap' postcard hosted by Kat at kateyestudio

Another art swap postcard . This is downtown Lima, Ohio. 

Art swap number 3- taken of a perfume shop's window, in Paris 

 A Bowl of Figs, by Teresa- An Art Swap postcard

I love the fact that this postcard was received as part of the Art Swap, yet it was taken by Adrienne, who's blog I so happily follow and regularly take part in her memes.A beautiful poem and photo from www.mymemoryart.blogspot.com

 My final Art Swap postcard was from Kat herself. This one is called Layered Autumn.

One of my grandma's note cards, full of paper cuttings!

 3 postcards I received today as part of my Postcrossing participation. These 3 are from Japan, China and Germany.

A postcard sent by my mum, just to say hello. Carlisle is the nearest city to 'home, home'.

And last but not least- Some fabulous items I received from Leonie at www.kiwiatheart-leonie.blogspot.co.nz as part of a Country swap. Lots of great stuff from New Zealand. I just love the Kiwi dishcloth- its so cute.

So there you go- 10 things Tuesday's mail bag!
Until next time,
Amanda x


  1. I love snail mail too particularly from my penpal whose parcels sound like your Nans full of owt and nowt :) the ballet slipper card is my favourite. X

    1. I think the Ballet one is gorgeous isn't it? :)

  2. Hi Amanda,
    My favorite is the boat note from your grandma.
    :) m & jb

    1. If I remember correctly this is a note card from the RNLI Organisation. I love it too!

  3. Snail mail is great isn't it, so much more exciting too when it is lovely things like these!! It looks as though you have made some great friendships through blogging which is so lovely. xx

  4. I didn't realise you were a Northern lass! Your family sound lovely and supportive. I do have a fondness for those ballet shoes ...

    1. Yep, Cumbrian born and bred! You can take the lass out of Cumbria, but you can't take Cumbria out of the lass!

  5. I love a good old fashioned letter arriving on my doormat and trying to guess who's sent it. The brown ones are not so exciting, normally bills. And parcels, well I'm like a kid at Christmas even though I know what's in them as I was the one that ordered them in the first place online. You have a lovely selection of items from around the world from your blogging friends.
    Patricia x

    1. Yes, it's just like Christmas. Unfortunately we don't have a very reliable postal service- and I have often wondered how many parcels and letters have gone missing as they never seem to arrive!

  6. Just a Friendly Reminder to pay your electric bill. LOL!
    We also like your new avatar of you taking a pic of you!


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