Friday, 18 April 2014

The end of the Holidays & Six Words Friday

Hello, I'm back from my trip and hopefully back to the land of technology, regular postings, uploaded photos and catching up with all those great blogs out there that I've missed whilst I've been away.

So now I'm playing catch up. Starting off with 'Six words Friday'. A lovely little meme set up by Adrienne at my memory art to share a photo with six words. This week's theme was eggs...and even though I'm drooling over the lack of chocolate Easter eggs over here. I did spot some rather strange looking pink ones in the market in Phenom Pehn. 

Anyway, Six words Friday"- Eggs"

Wonder what came first - Chicken? Egg?

Next, I have a few Spring photos left for my 30 days of Spring...fourseasonsthirtydays A day by day look at Spring.

Day 24
Blue Skies

Day 25

Day 26
 Sunny break times

 Day 27
 Swimming Galas

Day 28
 Water lilies

Day 29
 School trips out

Hopefully, all will be back to normal by tomorrow and i'll continue with my catch up and tell you all about my Cambodia and Myanmar holiday.
Thanks for being patient


  1. Welcome back. Beautiful photos Amanda and so glad you enjoyed your holiday. Those eggs look very pretty with their unusual markings.
    Patricia x

    1. Thanks, had a great time. I like the look of these eggs too :)

  2. Welcome back Amanda. Lovely photo of those quail's (?) eggs. Hoping you took photos of the pink ones too. x

    1. Thanks and yes quail eggs...and yes photos of pink ones soon:)

  3. Hi Amanda! Those eggs look like they are drizzled with chocolate and caramel. The perfect egg, huh? LOL!

    1. Mmm that would be good wouldn't it...unfortunately not ..just regular quail eggs:)


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