Friday, 4 April 2014

Six Words Friday - Colour & Spring Day 15

Colourful toys. Packed away. Playtime over!
Linking in with Adrienne for Six word Friday

New little chillies bursting with colour and flavour- Unfortunately I can take no credit for growing these... I just have to buy mine from the market!

I'm off on my holidays tomorrow- Cambodia and Myanmar- hopefully I shall be able to find some wifi available somewhere, as I'm planning to continue to send my regular 'Days of Spring' posts as well as my other regular postings.
 However- If it means that this doesn't happen- please stick around and I'll catch up when I can. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend:)
Amanda x


  1. Hope that you have a lovely time on your holidays!! xx

  2. Hoping you're having a great time on your hols - I know you'll be bringing us lots of great photos back :)

  3. That top one is a very holiday-y photo :). Hope you have a lovely time ...


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