Friday, 25 April 2014

Six Word Fridays- Flowers

Apologies first for not being online, I was going to post things a couple of days ago- but all I seem to want to do since I came back from my hols was sleep and have hardly switched on my computer- but anyway -I'm here now...and here goes!
Joining in with Adrienne for Six Word Fridays here's my post for this week's entry for Flowers
 Beautiful blooms from faraway exotic places

 Colours that shimmer in brilliant sunshine

 Unusual shapes and potent fragrant aromas

 So different from my English garden.

Bye for Now, 
Amanda x


  1. Such stunning views and good, descriptive writing!

  2. Hi Amanda! So different from your English garden, indeed. And my American one, too! But so lovely words and pix.

  3. Hi there, just catching up. Lovely to see such beautiful things! Hope that you are having a good weekend. xx

  4. Wow, those photos are just stunning! I'm loving flowers at the moment and discovering all the ones in our English woods - a bit different to these though! x


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