Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A not so Wordless Wednessday

Wordless Wednesday : A weekly photo that needs no comment and no explanation- But then again, I might decide otherwise:)

Well today I decided otherwise- Now please ignore the time and date- I'm posting this in UAE, but my body tells me I'm in the UK and my computer thinks its in Malaysia- so who knows what it will end up as- but for all intents and purposes--Its Wednesday :)

Ok not a great picture
and neither is this one- but it's a great plane: A c130 Hercules flying past our house, obviously on some training mission. As I was flying today, albeit on a commercial flight, thought I'd just add this photo since it flew past yesterday:)

But here I am, one flight down and two more to go, waiting for what seems hours in International airports. The first flight was quite pleasant though, 6hrs 30 of flicking through channels, flicking through magazines and eating flight food.
There was some impressive views too as we flew over Eastern Europe, The Black Sea, Turkey and Iran and into the UAE.

But now I'm just whiling away a few hours between flights and then hopefully by Thursday evening Borneo time- I shall be back in my little apartment- probably whiling away a few more hours as I wait for my body clock to adjust.

Until then,
 Amanda x


  1. Hope the rest of your journey goes well and you arrive safe and sound. x

  2. Safe travels, hope its all not to much.

    1. Finally arrived, just the jet lag to contend with now:)


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