Tuesday, 13 August 2013

52 Weeks of Happy

Well, it's my last day here in the UK and its been a bit of a roller coaster of a ride. Feeling decidedly emotional going back this time for many reasons, but life goes on, whatever curve ball gets thrown at you. I've still managed to find some 'Happies' this week, in between hospital visits and feeling guilty about leaving to go back to work- but anyway here are some of the things that made me happy last week.
August 5th- 11th
Finding time to visit favourite places- Castlerigg, despite being full of tourists was still a pleasure to visit.
Getting to the beach- on a bright sunny day as well- finding some sea glass and breathing in all that fresh salty sea air.
 Snacking on favourite food- ice cream nougat wafers from the ice cream van- and freshly baked scones with lemon curd- very local, very delicious.

 The lakes! Not a great picture as it was through the car window- but just being here, in my home county and appreciating what we have- it doesn't get much better than this:)
 Well, off to get packed, fingers crossed that I'm under the luggage allowance- my suitcase is full of tea, chocolate and sweets to take back with me!
Amanda x


  1. Have a safe trip. I hope your dad is doing better now. That ice cream and nougat sounds really good!

    1. Thanks- and yes the ice cream was really good:)

  2. Oh, those foody photos make me crave for the icecream and scones.


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