Friday, 9 August 2013

52 weeks of busy!

Well, it's been more of the same here- busy, busy and totally out of routine- I think I'll be glad in a way to get back to Borneo- if only for the sense of normality. Many apologies for not keeping up to date with posting and/ or even reading anyone else's pages. But a big thank you for those that still pop over to have a look and see what's going on over here on Graham's Landing.
It's been a very strange couple of weeks. Dad ended up back in hospital and is still there, so life is revolving around hospital visits. We're not really sure what's going on-so everything is up in the air. I've still managed to find some 'Happies' though- albeit a bit late!
July 29th-August 4th
Dad's 70th Birthday
Dad's birthday was last week. We had a quiet celebration tea at home as he'd just come out of hospital, but it was nice to do something.
A new book
I spent the weekend down in London with Deb and Lizzy. A girly weekend treat :) It started off with a very pleasant train ride down- a great chance to catch up with a cup of tea and a new book to read.
Champagne Afternoon Tea
Well, why not? The National Gallery Restaurant on a Friday afternoon- what a great way to spend an afternoon.
A Welcome Visitor
 Back at home, this little wren was spotted hopping about on the patio. I haven't seen a wren for a long time in the garden- so I was most impressed. They are just a cute little bird.:)
 So that's it for now. I have lots of photos to upload of my goings on in London and roundabout here. Hopefully I'll get to show a few. Hope everyone is having a good week.
Amanda x




  1. Amanda, good to see you are finding happiness even with your Dad in the hospital, I do hope he is on the mend ~ Sarah x

  2. Lovely 'happies' - I do hope your Dad will be well soon:)

  3. I hope your dad is well soon, Amanda. Your lunch at the National Gallery looks wonderful!

  4. I do hope your dad is keeping well, I love the look of your high tea.

  5. I'm sorry your Dad is still not well and hope he gets on the best side before you have to return to Borneo. Sounds like you're really making the most of your summer abnd looking forward to hearing more when you have the time. x


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