Monday, 19 August 2013

52 Weeks of Happy

Hi, It's that time of the week again to show some of the things that have made me happy this week. It's not been the best week to find happy moments. There's been more sad times than happy, but I managed to find things that made me smile between the tears, So linking in with Little Birdie here are this week's happy moments.

Week 33

12-18th August
My family! Just spending precious time with them all has made me really happy! Enough said!

Something a little more trivial!- Unpacking my suitcase and finding it full of goodies, treats and essentials that will get me through the next few months here in Borneo!

Some lovely things I bought whilst at home, now I just have to decide where to put them:)

No picture for the 4th one- For once I didn't have my camera!- But a very enjoyable morning walking through the local park with an old friend- catching up, putting the world to rights and temporarily escaping from the norm:)

To finish off I had to mention Lizzy, who managed to get her AS results this week,
I'm a very proud Aunty!:)

Amanda x


  1. Lovely happies. Congratulations to your niece! I hope you're feeling better soon and settling back into life in Borneo.

  2. Love your stash of English essentials! I didn't know they still made Breakaways - I have a mug from the '80s with the logo on which I use every day at work. Congratulations Lizzy! x

  3. I'm glad you found lots of happy things at a difficult time. I've been catching up and was sorry to read about the illness and that it wasn't the happiest of trips home. Hope you have a great holiday before school starts again.

  4. Glad you found your happy moments.

  5. Lovely family photos and suitcase of goodies!!! x

  6. I love the colourful buntings you bought, I made a few myself this summer to sell.I llok forward to seeing them hung in your house!


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