Tuesday, 26 April 2016

More Vintage 10 Things

Another Tuesday, another ten things, another 10 more vintage things.
Just a few more bits of vintage that I have around the house. Not surprisingly there's a lot of blues and turquoise ..oh I am so predictable!

A little dressing tale set, that's now cluttered with bits of jewellery.

Various blue pottery pieces.

I seem to have acquired a collection of cheese dishes, this just being one of them. There's also a pretty pink tea set.

A few pieces of fine Japenese China. It was made by the Noritake company and had been birthday from my parents. Unfortunately the sugar bowl got smashed whilst it was being delivered and is now stuck up with super glue! 


Another present, a few years back, from my sister. This also sits on my dressing table, again with bits of jewellery, odd buttons and change. 

A more recent acquisition, picked up at an antique shop in Newark.

I love this little blue jug, that's just perfect for putting flowers in.

2 'new' yet vintage cookbooks.

I'm getting quite attached to old tins. The bottom two had been lying around my parent's garage, full of nails and stuff, whereas the top one is mine. When I was little, the blue one was filled with dolls clothes. 
I just have to look at it and it makes me smile.

A bit of a blue retro feel to this one!

So there you are, 10 more vintage things. But I thought I would leave with one more picture. Not quite vintage, but getting there...
A picture of my sister and I, double trouble! I'm the unsmiling one at the front. I never did like having my photo taken:)

Until next time. X


  1. Ooo, you have some lovely pieces. I like the Japanese set and the dressing table set too!!

    1. Thank you :) I really must stop buying though...it's getting a little out of hand!

  2. A very sweet photo :). I'd happily turn the pages of your cookbooks. Great collection.

    1. Thanks :) There's some great ideas in the cookery books...I may have to make something sometime. x


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