Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Scavenger Hunt and a 6 word Story

Hello there. It's been awhile but I've had a bit of an Easter break away and having friends to stay too, so things have got out of synch.
 However, better late than never, I've got round to posting my March Scavenger hunt photographs, kindly hosted by greenthumb.

I thought I would start off with some local sheep breeds (Herdwickes) and a local lake (Esthwaite Water)

A close up image of the measures used for these lovely scales

 The city walls and Citadel in the centre of Carlisle

Stripes/ Large
 A bit of a cheat at this one: Stripes and a rather alrge tea cup planter

 A very yummy thin and crispy pizza...mmmmm

For one
 Food again....this time lunch and tea for one.

 Loving the tiny hairs found on this willow

Another local view, this time looking towards Skiddaw in the Northern fells 

Street art
 I was out and about for a few days, and whilst staying in Knaresborough I spotted these windows.

Not a great photo, but I was trying to get a quick sneaky photo of the floor tiles whilst in a shop in London.

Ok, I know it's 4 photos, but these were all a selection of rocks that can be found at our local garden centre.

A nice set ofstairs in Knaresborough

And just in case it was rockstairs as a whole, here are some slate steps!

So you see I did manage it, albeit a bit late. Hopefully next month I shall be on time.

I wanted to finish though with a Six word story as set up by Miriam, telling a story with one picture and only six words.

As mentioned earlier I've been away this week, holidaying with friends and attending a lovely wedding...A perfect idea for this week's theme of 'Dream'

Bye for now. xx


  1. I love your scavenger hunt photos, you live in a very beautiful part of the country. Thank you for linking with your lovely story in six. It's very poignant x

  2. Your landscapes are just stunning. And I loved the window art! Thank-you for a visually lovely post.

    1. Thank you. Apparently there are lots of Windows like this in Knatesborough. I shall have to visit again to see if I can spot some more. X

  3. Thanks Miriam for hosting! And yes I am lucky, just sometimes you have to sit back and take not in of what's around me. X

  4. Your EXTRA shot at the end is gorgeous. Now I love all your takes on the word prompts.Your view of 'local' is stunning and that mural is marvellous. Loved your take on 'hair',very clever. Thaat is a lovely lake you have near you. Now I don't see any word as yet for next month but hopfully Jill will put them up soon.

    1. Thanks for your lovely words Margaret. Looking forward to next month's list but if we don't get one I may have a look at last year's April list and see what we had then. Happy snapping and thanks for popping over. X


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