Tuesday, 22 July 2014

That was the week that was...

Hi there. Hope everyone is doing ok. As you well know the last few weeks have been a little manic. I would like to think that things will settle down soon- but as I fly off on my hols tomorrow, somehow I don't think they will!

So I began searching through my photos to show you what I've been up to..and it kinda goes like this...
We started off with our primary production. After co-writing, producing and directing it, it was all a bit nerve racking to finally get it together. But the kids pulled it off and we were really proud of them. This my friend Ed and I, sat backstage reading through our scripts and prompts in the middle of the performance. We were the backstage crew, sitting in the wings and ushering kids on stage, moving props, stage blocks and generally making sure that things were running smoothly.

What you can't see on that photo is that I am sitting down for a reason as my foot was bandaged and a pair of crutches are just out of shot. When they say 'break a leg' before a performance I almost took it literally!.. I fell off the stage steps during rehearsals! Luckily it's only a sprain.. FOOL!!
The night after our production was our annual staff dinner and farewell do. 10 members of staff were leaving..and as you could imagine it was quite an emotional night- I only managed to say about 6 words of my leaving speech before becoming a blubbering wreck! 

The next day was my birthday! I could say that I had a very quiet and sedate affair of afternoon tea with friends that would be very apt for a women of my 47 years.Of this I did....
But I had also strutted my stuff on the dance floor and boogied on down with the best of them until the early hours of the morning. I was still in bandages at this time! The dancing may not have helped my sprained ankle but after some painkillers and a couple of glasses of wine who was I to complain:)

Then there were more goodbye nights out..

And a few more last visits to favourite places, 

Trips up the mountain..


And spending quality time with friends..
All in all  it's been a busy, but enjoyable time.

Busy doing all those jobs that need to be done..banking, packing, shipping, trips to the tax office, post office, taking people to the airport to say goodbye, more goodbyes, more airport trips..

Cramming in as much as possible.

But now the apartment keys are handed in, the case is packed, my passport and tickets are on hand.. because tomorrow the holiday REALLY starts!

See you in Oz


  1. I hope that the holiday is WONDERFUL!!!! xx

  2. I hope you have a amazing time, drop my an email when your coming to Sydney, hope to see you then.

    1. That would be great, so looking forward to visiting Australia :)


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