Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt- June

End of the month and time for another Scavenger Hunt hosted by that lovely lady we know as Greenthumb at madewithlove. This was another tricky month- but I got there in the end- almost!  It's all such a good excuse to get out and about and start snapping- Not that I ever need an excuse!

B is for
Boat: Catching a glimpse of a fishing boat through a life ring whilst on a boat!

On a Saturday morning at the festivities surrounding the Dragon Boat Festival

Blossom trying to eat her pasta with a spoon.

Some of our year 2 children had made felt hand puppets

You again!
The sight that greets me every morning at registration- oh no, not you again!

Shadows on the brackish water at the wetlands centre.

Our cute native Orangutan in his natural habitat

Calm as a mill pond

Man made
The mam made boardwalks over the mangrove swamp

 An open window

Freshly baked steam pau

Soccer- Yep I confess, in this football mad month I actually failed to get any pictures of soccer. Even at school the boys were playing basketball instead- so better luck next time I think!

See you soon, Thanks for popping by,
Amanda x


  1. I love your 'calm' and 'open' photos. Blossom is such a cutie.

  2. Great photos as always. Love the orangutan doing yoga poses - that'll be me tonight ;-) My favourite though is open - it's full of atmosphere. x

  3. A fantastic collection, I love habitat and calm and agree with Julie about the atmosphere in 'open'.

  4. Great pictures and interpretations of the categories!!! xx

  5. What a fantastic B pic and I also love Open and that very flexible Orang Utan.

  6. I love your you again shot it made me laugh.

  7. Awesome photos, Amanda! I loved how you framed the first one ~ so hard to do with two moving boats! The man made one made me think of Baku in Sarawak. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, as usual another fantastic group of photos. I really like B, open, water, spoon and well what can I say about habitat. Greenthumb

  9. Great scavenger hunt photos! Especially the monkey, I love that one.
    Marianne x

  10. What a great set of photos! I especially like B, open and habitat. I am so behind with mine this month..

  11. Wow!!!! Your life amazes me!!! Sweet children and clever steam dishes! That water looks v inviting! B has such good composition and the orangutan is Amazing! I'm sorry I Did ask you ages ago but which country do you live in, sorry, forgot to check for a reply!! X

  12. You registration photo made me smile! And what an interesting boat race ...

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