Saturday, 21 June 2014

Six Word Friday- Wave

Yet another week has been and gone. Unfortunately not so my boxes, so my flat looks like a warehouse. I'm still in the midst of writing reports but deadlines are very near and with less than 3 weeks to work, the end is almost tangible.

A late Friday meme- as the internet service is playing up again, so I catch it when I can- apologies for the late post- but catching the internet is a bit like my Six words Friday-A surfer waiting to catch a wave. So without further ado, here's my 6WF- Wave.

At the end of a day,
the surfer walks the water's edge
Watching the surf and the horizon,
as the waves roll in fast.
Just waiting for the right time,
to catch the perfect big wave,
And when it rolls on in,
it crashes down onto the sand
Reminding us of its powerful force,
Not to be taken for granted.
And yet the waves still continue,
as do the spectators and surfers,
coming and going with the tide.

Amanda x


  1. Beautiful pictures! Remember to take a few minutes here and there to relax in amongst all the busy. xx

  2. What a difference from your Monday post! This is gorgeous and calms me down. You will get through it all! We teachers do. It must be hard to pack up to leave Sabah though. Sending you energy!

  3. What beautiful pictures, so calming to look at .


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