Monday, 16 June 2014

One of those weeks and a catch up.

This is what I would love to think my life was like right now...
Calm, Tranquil, peaceful...

Instead it looks like this....
This is an image of my spare room at the minute- but it could also be an analogy of where my head is at the moment- It's all over the place, full to the brim and basically a bit of a mess. Not in a bad way. Just in a too much to do, where do I start, not enough hours in the day kinda way. Thanks for all your kind comments, about my packing dilemma, it's lovely to know that I have lots of support over in Blogland.

 The sudden realisation that there are only 19 work days until the end of the school year has hit home. I have exams to mark, reports to write, a production to produce, a field trip to go on, a party to plan..and somewhere in the midst of all that, still teach the curriculum I need to get through.
There are not enough hours in the week to fit it all in! I can see that there are going to be some very late nights...But what's new?, this is the same at every year's school end- You would have thought I would have got used to it by now!

And so..I grit my teeth, get my head down and get on with it...

Except that I don't...because it's not the same as every year.. this is my last year here and so on top of all the school stuff, I have my expat life to sort, pack and box up too! 
It will all get done- I just don't know how or when or how my emotions are going to deal with it. Therefore I put it off and find lots of nice things to do instead- Like plan holidays, have tea parties, go on boat trips and make the most of my last 4 weeks.

I'm sure you can see how and why my blog has taken a bit of a back seat too. Which is a bit of a 'catch 22' situation in that I've been doing so much that I would love to tell you all about- but then run out of time to actually blog about it. So apologies first, for a very possible, lengthy, very 'bitty' blog entry as I try and fill you in with some of the stuff that has been going on!

A boat trip?- Yep, That was one of last weekend's little jaunts. A few friends, a chartered boat for the afternoon and a gorgeous sunset.
Throw in some 'al fresco' dining, some cold imported cider and Pims and some great snorkeling..and it all adds up to a lovely afternoon out.!

But the weekend didn't stop there..Nope!... It was also the annual Dragon Boat race here in KK too. Now I went down to watch last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. So I decided to have another look again this year.
It didn't disappoint. Lots of action, lots of team spirit and lots of fun for local families.
But gosh it looked tiring. I'm glad I was just a bystander!

This week was also our school trip visit to the wetlands centre.
A mangrove habitat, right here in KK.
There may not be loads to see, but the kids were pretty eagle eyed and managed to spot quite a few little critters on their walkabout.
I lust love the peace and tranquility of the place..not that you get that with 24 kids following you!!! I really should visit on my own sometime!
So this is the beginning of the end. The first of the final things to do do here in Sabah. We are inviting our Teaching assistants out for tea before the end of term-and I had the job (again) of making invitations. I happily spent a couple of hours making these. There's nothing like putting off the work you have to do and instead do something you like doing!
I also held an afternoon tea here in my apartment too. I went for a typically British theme, including cucumber sandwiches, scones and Victoria sponge.

I also used the afternoon to try and get rid of my many belongings that are in my flat. It wasn't exactly a sale as such, as I didn't ask for any money, but people were kind enough to pop some cash into an 'Australia fund jar'. 

I still have stacks of stuff I still need to get rid of. Some of it I shall leave with various people when I go but most of my clothes and other bits and  pieces are heading to a local orphanage and charity organisation. At least that way, we all get to benefit.

So there you are, my week that was!
A busy, action packed, never had a minute, kinda week. 
But it's all been fun.
Let's see what will be in store this next week...
But firstly I really do need to get on with writing those reports!
Amanda x


  1. You're on the cusp of a grand adventure, Amanda. Just a few more weeks and you'll be on your way. I know it's busy now, though. Take care and don't push yourself too hard. It will all come together, you'll see. Hang in there. :)

  2. Keep going! It WILL all come good! It is so great that you are making sure that you make the most of every moment that you have left. xx

  3. Glad to see you found some tranquil moments despite the busy time you are having! Sarah x

  4. Oh my, that's quite a to do list! What a stressful time, but it will all get done somehow! I'm glad you are making time for fun and adventures there while you still can!

    1. I'm trying! may need to have a little less sleep than usual though:)

  5. I have just caught up with all the posts I have missed, sounds like you have so much going on, enjoy each moment.

    1. enjoying it while I can, but i can always seem to avoid the things that need to be done, and much rather be doing the things i want to do:)

  6. This has been a lovely catch up with beautifully presented photos - and I am seriously in awe of how much you will be getting done in the next nineteen days .... Hoping it all goes really well.


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