Saturday, 14 June 2014

One Photo Twenty Words

I'm not sure where to start packing, but the shipping boxes are arriving in two days!!!

Just a quick 'One photo: Twenty words' joining in with Abi at creatingpaperdreams.


  1. Good luck with everything, Amanda. I hope you have some help with all the packing. :)

  2. Once you start it will be OK, it is the getting going that is the hard part. I wish that I could pop over and give you a hand as it is a big job I realise. I hope that it goes alright and that you are not too upset to leave and that you can take lots of happy memories with you to carry forward into whatever the future may hold. xx

  3. What a job! I'd help too if I could :)
    I have to echo Amy's comment above - hope everything goes smoothly.

  4. Always a daunting task but once the first boxes are packed you'll be on a roll I'm sure. Hope your move back to he UK goes well and thinking of you at this time. Patricia x

  5. I do hope all goes well with your move - it is always a daunting task:)


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