Friday, 21 February 2014

Six Word Friday- With A Twist

The 'Six Word Friday' theme for this week, kindly set up by Adrienne was 'Twist'.
I had a few thoughts but wasn't all that convinced, until I was snapping away at my after school photography club- and there it was -  not one, not two but three 'Twist' photographs, just shouting out to made into a Six Word Friday.
So apologies for posting more than one, but here goes:

We were out looking for lines,
Horizontal? Vertical? Discovering rules of thirds.
Some were lucky and found curvy,
snapping away among twisted metal frames
trying to get the right angle,
whilst others just scaled new heights

Literally and figuratively up they went,
 seeing the world from up high.
Making the most of different perspectives,
 learning that photography isn't always easy.
Sometimes snapshot rules should  be broken-
It's what they like, that matters!

We also found some natural curves.
Bamboo roots that twisted and coiled,
like tangled serpents looking like Medusa,
Planting itself firmly in the ground.
Sheltering creatures away from prying eyes,
This mini, natural world, amidst concrete!

Thanks for joining me. 
Have a good weekend :)


  1. Your first photo is my favorite. Makes me want to be an adventurous six year old.
    (And I was not an adventurous six year old, nor were the playgrounds of my day so colorful.)

    1. I must admit, I quite enjoy going on the playground too!

  2. How fun, Amanda! I often took my kiddos out for math lessons! My favorite ~ not by a long shot ~ is #2. Have a good weekend!

  3. Brilliant!!! Love sharing "Twist" with kids!

    1. Sometimes it works that the kids will see things that I don't- which is all good fun!

  4. That looked great fun. Loved the photo of the girl at the top of the spiral. x

  5. very cool shots. love that colorful playset!!

    1. Thanks, It's pretty useful too, and of course great fun:)

  6. Very good Amanda! Those bamboo roots give me the creeps though! xx

  7. The first two; Love the colours.
    The twist on the third; beautiful!

    1. Thanks- sometimes when you're not looking for things - they just appear!


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