Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Photo Heart Connection- February

You know me, I love a good sunset!

Photo heart connection is all about reviewing your photo graphs and finding one that speaks most to your heart and connects with it.
So I'm joining in with Kat at and her photo-heart-connection.However this month, for whatever reason -I missed the Link up- but thought I'd share my thoughts and picture anyway before the month was out.

I'm going to miss these sunsets! Living here on the coast of Sabah means we get some spectacular sunsets. No matter how many times you see one, there always seems to be a better one a few days later. It's at times like this when you realise how beautiful it all is- and how sometimes you really do just have to stop, think and take in the view-Literally!

This was a little further up from us, amidst the mangroves and wetlands, the orange glow of the sunset casting a watery reflection, that coated the surface of the water.

So I paused, snapped, and watched for those few seconds that change the view ever so subtly- but then as the seconds tick by, the light intensifies and you end up with the most dramatic sunset. 
It does make you want to stop and stare.
It does make you think.
It does make you wonder.
And at the end of the day - Literally and figuratively-
isn't it so amazing that every day the sun rises, the sun sets and we are around to appreciate its beauty.
I'm going to miss these sunsets!
Amanda x


  1. Just beautiful. You really do live in a gorgeous place.

  2. Beautiful photo - I have seen some fantastic sunsets through your blog, and you'll always have your memories and photos of them, wherever you are. We get some lovely sunsets in England too remember :)

    1. Yes, indeed. It shall be my mission to search them out.:)

  3. Absolutely stunning Amanda. As sad as it is I'm sure you'll witness more beautiful sunsets - they're everywhere :-)
    Patricia x

    1. Yes I'm sure i will, I do have a thing for them:)

  4. I think I'll miss your sunsets too - just stunning. x

  5. Thanks, mother nature at her best:)


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