Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Midweek Mindless Musings for a Wordless Wednesday!

Not exactly wordless- but my mundane thoughts are all over the place.
I'm pondering fleeting thoughts that are whizzing around my brain this very wet Wednesday- sitting watching the rain fall heavily- again- must be back to the usual Borneo climate- at least we had glorious weather whilst we were away last week...
I wonder how my visitors are surviving their jungle trip- hopefully they won't get wet- but there's no chance of not getting wet really- we live in the rain forest! I wonder if they'll see any pygmy elephants- I'll be very jealous if they do.
Got to go out shortly to book club-I haven't read the book- too long winded, too clever- and just a bit too Victorian - I know it might be a classic- but is it wrong to need to use a dictionary in order to understand what you are reading? I hope next months choice will be better- saying that- I have no idea what we decided...
I shouldn't really have that chocolate biscuit after my sandwich- but it did go down well...
20 reports to write before Tuesday... Why do I always leave it until the last minute- I could give lots of excuses -like having visitors- but I don't think the Boss would go along with that...perhaps if I say 20 reports quickly enough it will sound better... at least I don't have 30 plus to do like I did in the UK, so that's a blessing...maybe I'll start them tomorrow.
I really must catch up with reading everyone's blogs-mustn't get waylaid and go off on a tangent somewhere in cyber space...
What was that flying past the window- oh a swallow- catching flies- it's a wonder it isn't waterlogged.
Must have a look at my to do list-I need to keep adding things, perhaps I should add things I've already done- just to make me feel better...oh and I did say to myself I was going to bake- I wonder what I shall make- do I dare attempt scones again?...
So many things to do- don't know where to start...why does the Sound of Music score come into my head?. 'You start at the very beginning- a very good place to start'...
Oh gosh, look at the time...must dash...
Amanda x


  1. Oh gosh, my head is full! Hoping you get those reports written. Isn't it funny how our psyche comes up with something useful if we listen. And I have often felt the temptation to add "done: things to a list to make myself feel better too :). We are sodden over here too, but our wet is a lot colder, alas.

  2. My head feels like this pretty often too. I hope you have time to relax a bit soon. :)

    1. Yes, you would never believe I've just had a weeks holiday-Talk about hitting the ground running.. it will now be non stop for the nest few month i reckon:)

  3. Too many things to do, not enough time to do it all! A common problem, so know that you are not alone. If the book is not your thing, I see no point in punishing yourself by reading it all!! xx

    1. I like the way you think:) As it was no one at book club had read it, some had started it, but others hadn't even wanted to do that... Yet I'm sure it must be a good read for someone!- Perhaps just not me :)

  4. I would give up on the book too, it's the right thing to do if you're not enjoying it! Gorgeous photo.
    Marianne x

  5. Oh gosh I can relate to this Amanda - life often gets in the way of things I want to do or read. I had to laugh because on my 'to do' list I've quite often added things that I've already done. It really does make me feel better!! As for blogging - I'm finally catching up on all my reading, well most of it anyway. :)
    Patricia x

  6. I enjoyed reading your wandering train of thought. I struggled halfway through The Corrections before giving up and vowing never to waste precious time on books I didn't enjoy when there are so many others out there. Hope you get your reports written. x


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