Saturday, 16 March 2013

Saturday Snaps

Saturday Snaps

A photograph, each Saturday- Quirky or Serious?, Fun or Interesting?, Real or Abstract?

A comment or not, a thought, a quote or whatever-Let the pictures do the talking!
One of the things I like doing on a weekend, is to wander down Gaya Street. It's one of the original streets in KK and was, and indeed still is, the hub of the Chinese community.
But this week it looked decidedly different- a bit empty- and then I realised why. The red lanterns that had been strung up since January for Chinese New Year, had been taken down. Despite the bright shop fronts and people milling about the street- it looked a lot less colourful without them.
So for this week's Saturday Snap- I'm posting a picture of Gaya Street complete with lanterns, just to keep the colour a little while longer.
Until next time :)
Amanda x


  1. Pretty photo! I would love to visit China. My husband's parents lived there for awhile a few years ago while my mother-in-law had a teaching assignment there. Their pictures were fascinating. It looks like a very interesting place to live.

  2. Looks lovely, a great place to spend some time.


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