Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A not so 'Wordless Wednesday'

As many others out there in Blogland do- I was going to have a Wordless Wednesday- A great idea where a photo is posted weekly that needs no comment and no explanation. But then I got thinking, that it's not often I'm short of words and that I would be more inclined to witter away about nothing.

When left to it, I could blabber away for hours- One tale could lead to another, an anecdote here another one there, only pausing to catch breath. It's hard to imagine for some people - Yes, you know who you are...My so called friends (?!) who cannot believe I was known as the "Quiet one" of the family- because they still insist I could talk for England. I was quiet- honestly! But I just don't know what happened-The "Quiet one" got loud.  Now I can blather with the best of them, usually about nothing in particular!

Which brings me back to my current predicament. Do I post a silent but salient picture that speaks for itself? Or do I post a picture that begs to be talked about?- You know the kind that needs just a little bit of interpretation, just so you really know what it's about and not just something that prompts the question- Why on earth would she want to put that on the blog?.. and so a decision has been made... Drumroll, please.. Wednesday will be wordless- I will fight then urge to spill the beans and let the photo speak for itself. It may be difficult- as I'm already chomping at the bit, waiting to say something, but that's my own personal challenge- to see if I can be quiet for once. And so decision made: Welcome to 'Wordless Wednesday'- Although on second thoughts, I might have to go and chat this over with someone...


  1. I have a wordless Friday and sometimes I want to tell the story behind the photo, your image is lovely looks like a great place. I got from the library some travel book on Malaysia we are thinking about the Christmas holidays already.

  2. This is one of my favourite places- Pedang point on Gaya Island, just in the bay at KK. Everytime I spend a day there I always say I go there more often- but rarely do. Malaysia has some really nice places, I still need to do lots more exploring myself. As for Christmas- I was actually thinking about Australia!


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