Tuesday, 5 March 2013

52 Weeks of Happy


mmmm. Yes, these little pieces of confectionary can be seen to some, as happiness in one small bite

Yes, I know I'm late at posting this one- but I have finally caught up with posting all the previous weeks of '52 Weeks of Happy'. If you have time, why don't you pop over to have a better look? :)  '52 Weeks of Happy'. Four photos that show the little things that have made me happy the previous week.

Week 9
25th Feb to 3rd March
Things that make me happy:
Far more than four this week: It was a week of little things, that mean a lot!
a) An almost perfect day at the beach- A hot sunny day with the sea as warm as bathwater- If it wasn't for the sandfly bites- it would be full marks all round!
b) Parcels and goodies from home.
c) A girls night in- fine food and good company.
d) Coffee and a muffin from the coffee shop where they know me by name and my regular order- Sad and if not a little worrying... I really don't go there a lot..do I?
e) Gelato!? Yes I know- Who would have thought we could get decent ice cream here. It's pretty good too.
f) Jazzies.
g) A nice clean tidy desk to start the week off with- It won't stay like that for long!
h) Freshly baked bread- no, of course it's not homemade-I'm not that clever!
Ok, so that's it for another week- Hope yours is a good one- Until next time...
Amanda :)

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