Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lately in my Garden

Oh yes, the sun is shining. the ground is warming and the grass and the weeds are growing at a rate of knots. Strangely enough I have felt compelled to do a spot of gardening!
Alien to me as it is and having the extra time on my hands I have taken a sudden interest in all things green fingered.
I've potted up a few plants
Put up some hanging baskets and a bird box
And an insect hotel.
The wild raspberry (?) bush is growing nicely and bringing some colour to the back of my garden
And there's even a place for a little Bee House.
There's some more potted containers
And some bird feeders on the tree. So far I seem to be attracting lots of sparrows, great, blue ad coal tits, robins, blackbirds, a magpie and a pair of wood pigeons!
At the end of my garden there is a large mound covered in bark and leaves! The black liner is supposed to stop the weeds growing through. Ha, as if?
I'm not sure what my ultimate goal will be for this end of the garden..but when time, money and inclination get the better of me I may have to do something!
I've potted up some more plants
And have soaked my very dry french lavender!
I put up another more secluded bird box
And was amazed at how quickly the chestnut tree was growing leaves. I grew this tree from a conker, and then replanted here in this garden when it had out grown its pot.
My window herbs seem to have taken a hold..and I may just have to harvest this coriander!
And my outdoor herbs seem to be doing ok too.
There's a little pepper plant growing
And some lovely bright geraniums and osteospermum.
Even the rhubarb seems to be growing! I absolutely love rhubarb, it's one of my favourite flavours
More herbs that I need to harvest
And some potted colour by the front door.
I have forget - me- knots growing and they're lovely.
There's some nice buds hanging down from next door's garden.
And my Laburnum tree is budding too.
To bring a little of the outside in, I bought myself some flowers.
And finished it off with a little bit of a 'blooming' display on the mantle piece.

Now I just have to remember to water everything and I may just have to find the lawn mower!

Whatever you're up to this Sunday, Have a good one


  1. Oooh, it all looks wonderful! Am intrigued- can I grow rhubarb in a pot then?! I wanted to buy a plant but we are probably moving in the next year so I didn't want to plant it in the ground then have to leave it without reaping the benefits!

  2. Apparently so! I was reading in a garden magazine which said that it is fine as long as it has space to grow and needs some manure mixed in with the compost. Have a go, for the price of a rhubarb plant, it may well end worth it. :)


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