Friday, 5 June 2015

Go and Gone : Six words Friday on a wild theme

Day 5 of my #30 days wild challenge and it's also a time for 6 words Friday, so I combined them both! A new random act of wildness!

My first time angling, well I actually wasn't angling, but I was watching...but it was fun and certainly a new experience for me.

Six Words Friday, set up by Adrienne at mymemoryart, telling a story in six words. This week's theme was 'Go'

"Let's go fishing", he said brightly,
Me, sat on the river bank,
Him, thigh deep in the water,
Casting repeatedly, until the line tightens
My head engrossed in a novel,
Not seeing the fishing drama unfold
A large Brown Trout now gone.
"It was this big" he said,
I said, "Shame I missed it",
But there's always a next time!

Hope you've had a good day.
Amanda x


  1. I really enjoyed this - such an original take on the challenge - it was inspired to combine the two.x

  2. Lovely! As Julie said above me, a great combination of the two things! xx


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