Friday, 1 August 2014

Six Word Friday and Time for Tea.

The theme for Six Words Friday this week was 'One' and so linking together my two prompts I thought I'd go with my favourite pastime ..drinking tea and coffee. So my 'One' is 'One of many!' ..cups of tea that is.
One of many...cups of tea
Just enough to keep me going,
 Shall I have a cake too?
A couple of days late for your invite..but I'm glad you could join me. I'm on my travels again! First stop was Singapore and now we are in Sydney and the Blue Mountains..oh, the wanderlust life I lead! Spending a month of travelling before heading back home to blighty...but this time I'm joined by my 18 yr old niece Lizzie.
Luckily for me, she likes a cup of tea with the best of our days seem to revolve around sightseeing and visiting coffee shops. So far we've seen a would you like to join us as we give you a little sample of what we've come across already.

We've had some delectable cakes and pastries at TWG in Singapore. A very decadent affair for a late lunch...well, why not?
Would you prefer a little pot of tea and morning muffins? Perhaps with a side order of an oat cookie. this lovely little coffee place and cafe was whilst we were out and about the streets of Surrey Hills, Sydney.
Cute, isn't it? 

Or what about this place? The Atlas Kiosk in Bondi.. The pastizzi were gorgeous...little puff pastry mouthfuls of spinich and cheese goodness.
These pancakes were pure indulgence ..but we did share..and we are on holiday..that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)
Would you care to join us?
 We also had some evening snacks of tea and scones..I'm not sure why the Aussies want to toast everything...toasted scones? But anyway they still tasted good. A perfect way to end a great day.

So what would you like? Morning coffee, afternoon tea? Evening supper?..or just like us and have it of many!
Amanda x


  1. You're really getting around these days. I love that photo of you at the table, you look radiantly happy!

  2. ooh I rather wish I was there too, travelling around eating tea and cake sounds pretty good to me!

  3. Morning coffee please and definitely the pancakes - drool! Glad you're having a fab time travelling and how great that you're able to share it with your niece. x

  4. It looks as though you are finding some lovely things and places for tea! xx

  5. Oh, I love views of tea and coffee shops - such variety here. Hoping you are having a wonderful time!

  6. Looks like you are finding some nice places for tea.


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