Tuesday, 8 March 2016

10 Things Tuesday Resurrected

When I used to blog regularly I often had a '10 Things Tuesday', a weekly collection of 10 things. Sometimes they were, just like this week, 10 random things that made me smile, but then other times I was a little more creative. I often had themes such as 'Red', 'Green' or Black and White', I had '10 Deserts', '10 Souvenirs' or '10 Places to visit in America', a whole myriad of ideas that seemed to go together.

 I enjoyed doing 10 things, as not only did I enjoy thinking of ideas, but it also got me to post lots of photos from my thousands sitting on my computer. So here we are again, another regular feature to get me back into blogging.

This time though, I thought I might set up a task for those of you who would like to challenge me. If you have a minute, why don't you come up with a suggestion of what my 10 things may be, and post it in the comments. I shall certainly enjoy trying to find 10 things for each category and I shall give you the credit for coming up with my titles. :)

Anyway to start me off I've just listed 10 things that have made me smile recently. 
A 'Mother's Day / Auntie's Day card from Lizzie, my niece.
You might think it's a bit strange to receive a mother's day card when I'm not a mother but every year, from when she was very little, Lizzie has sent me a 'Happy Aunty' card to open the day after mother's day.
I have a lovely relationship with my favourite niece (Well she is the only one I have :)) and as I will never have the pleasure of having any of my own children, she's certainly special.

A little hare picture given to me by my sister, just to make me smile. I love hares. They seem very magical creatures and quite elusive. If I do see one out in the fields, it always makes my day.

My friend from work found this card, thought of me and then sent it. We both saw the funny side of my op and it's infuriating side affects. And for those out there who have experienced hot flushes, I'm sure you can relate too! :)

One of those books on my shelf that I'd never got round to reading! Luckily I did read it and I loved it. I loved the style of writing and of the tales of life in the field throughout the year. I'd certainly read it again and it's made me look at the hedges and fields around me in a whole different light. 

 Before Christmas I headed down to London to stay with a friend of mine for a few days. I was killing time waiting for the train and wandered into one of the shops at the station. I was totally smitten at first by this lovely packaging, but then got to smell it...and it was even better. I decided to treat myself and have been slathering on the hand cream ever since.:)
On one of my few days out over the last 5 weeks, I spotted this little pot at the Rheged shop, whilst visiting the Harris Exhibition. It's very fine and when a candle burns in side it glows beautifully. When I'm fit enough to move back into my house, I shall find a perfect spot for it.

 Another acquisition. A nice new tin for my kitchen. I'm not sure what to keep in it yet, but I just loved the turquoise colours and the retro feel to it.  


 Old second hand travel books. I've been watching a lot of tV recently (There's no surprise there, having been housebound for the last few weeks!) and seemed to have got hooked on 'Railway Journeys' and 'the Grand Tour of Scotland', both of which use old travel guides for their inspiration. I hunted out some of my own and am enjoying reading about some familiar and not so familiar places. Perhaps when I up and about and able to drive, I may just have to have a look and take up one of my own tours.

Two new scarves. A lovely turquoise knitted one and mittens that I had been admiring from afar for some time and a lovely green patterned one that just shouted 'Buy me!" as I walked past. Even better, both were half price. A serendipitous moment!


A beautiful sunny day on the fells. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and mum was driving! Just lovely to get out and about. This is a view overlooking the Northern fells, looking towards a snow topped Skiddaw.

So there you are, 10 things on a Tuesday.
Hope you had a good Tuesday too.
 Amanda x


  1. Now that's a great challenge - oh, how about ten things that tell something about you we might not know? Ten things from your childhood you feel influenced you in some way? Ten little quirky views/angles from inside your home? Ten worst travel experiences you never want to have again? I've really enjoyed today's viewing - and the hot flushes card really made me smile :).

    1. What a fab list. You really have me thinking about some future lists. Thank you, love it. :) As for the hot flushes!! I knew there was a reason I wanted to keep my ovaries...unfortunately I didn't have an option in the matter ...oh the joys of a surgical menopause :)

  2. A great collection of 10 things!! For medical reasons I had hot flushes some years ago - different than your reasons - and oh gosh, not good! I remember standing outside with practically nothing on one winters evening!! The flushes I get now are nothing in comparison. You have my fullest sympathy! A friend calls them personal summers!! xx

    1. Love the comment and the name of Prsonal summers, I might just use that too as it makes it sound quite exotic :) x

  3. Hi Amanada, It was lovely to see a comment from you my blog and pop over and catch up on your news. I was sorry to read about your operation and hope you are recovering well. I used to enjoy your 10 things on a Tuesday so it was lovely to see it again. The picture of hot flushes made me smile I know that feeling! Sarah x

    1. Thanks for popping by. It's nice to catch up with everyone again. X

  4. I always enjoyed your 10 things posts and this one is brilliant too. I think I covet everything in it! Well, maybe not the hot flushes ;-) I'm addicted to the Railway Journeys programmes and particularly loved the American one, partly because my penpal lives in that area. X

    1. Hi there Julie. I enjoyed the US one too particularly after living over there I was able to 'virtually' revisit a lot of places I had been to. X'


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