Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Six Words and a Scavenger Hunt

Happy April Fool's Day! March is over and spring should be well and truly on its way, although judging by the wind, rain, sleet and snow that has passed by my window today, I'm not so sure.I'm a bit late on the posting front, but better late than never. First is my Six Word Friday post, set up by Adrienne, at mymemoryart.blogspot. then onto my scavenger hunt photos.

Six Words- Bud
From green bud to yellow flower,

A true sign of early spring

Their golden faces shine out brightly

Cheering up the winter like days.

Scavenger Hunt for March

Joining in with 'Greenthumb at 'Made with Love for the monthly photo scavenger hunt. March flew in and out so quick, it all made for a mad rush at the end to get in some pics-but I managed, here goes...

Lots of circles

Lots of colourful cards.


A little boarded up window, in the wall of an old farmhouse that I pass everyday on my way to work.


Some Easter art work.


A very grey day overlooking the skyline that is the Solway Firth.


I was trying to capture the movement of the tides in the estuary. The difference between high and low tide is quite amazing. There just happened to be a couple of birds flying by to add to the movement. 


Lots of bathroom accessories

Just the thing you need to zoom around the supermarket.


Pretty plates, too nice to use?

Something you made.

One of three utility aprons I made recently.

A Favourite word..Tea! sitting quietly over a cup of tea =Bliss

Anything you like..

A very nice cup of hot chocolate. The white one is Hot Cross Bun flavoured!

Until next time,
Amanda x


  1. Hot cross bun flavour - that's different, I'll look out for that.

  2. You have taken some super photos I love the window and the ones on the Solway Firth - we were on the Scottish side last year. Hot cross bun flavoured hot chocolate? That's new to me - I like the rabbit on the top:)

  3. I saw a chocolate hot cross bun advertised on telly! Lovely pics, I like Window, Plate (v.pretty) and your fab aprons.

  4. I so enjoyed seeing your photos. It looks like you live in a beautiful place with such lush scenery. May I have a cup of the hot cross bun flavored chocolate? It's so yummy looking.

  5. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of window, plate, art. Take care Greenthumb.

  6. These were great fun! Love the window and those colourful stones in the wall surrounding it. Great tea coaster too :D

  7. I had an Aldi hot cross bun yesterday that had chocolate and toffee in it :) Love the old window and your apron. x

  8. Hi Amanda! I really enjoyed your photos, as always! I could feel the damp and chilly weather in the Solway Firth and the estuary photos. I'm sure, at times, you must long for Kinabalu! I don't think I'd use those lovely plates, either! Hot cross bun flavored hot chocolate? Wow! They can make any flavor these days! The photo did remind me of my mom and the hot cross buns she made for Easter during my childhood. Have a happy Easter!

  9. Kindred souls. You're a water person. Me, too. Enjoyed seeing your choices. Most fun.

  10. Loving all your photos but my favourite is of the estuary. There is something that fascinates my about estuaries, perhaps it's the distinct lake of them where I live that makes it so.
    Anne xx

  11. Hi! How are you? Well, I hope! So glad to see this set of great photos. I like the sewing machine in action! The Easter art circles are beautiful and the car is funny!x


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