Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Year: New Blog

As I’m sitting here there’s a rhythmic bang, bang, bang, of cymbals and drums coming from the ‘Taman’, the local neighbourhood that surrounds my apartment complex. It’s the final day of the Chinese New Year and as the lion dancers weave their way through the houses, the street vibrate with the noise of their drums warding off evil spirits. In their pursuit of dancing dragons, this colourful procession heralds in a new lunar year- The Year of the Snake.

As the inevitable firecrackers begin, today celebrates the start of not only a new year, but a new blog. Hopefully, like the Lion dancers winding their way through the streets, this blog may bring some colour and a smile to those who stumble across it. A mix of photos, insights and ramblings this blog hopes to bring a bit of sparkle to the new year, just like fireworks- and not a just a damp squid of one that fails to ignite or fizzles out prematurely.

 So, thank you, to those curious to stop by and if you do happen to call again drop me a comment and I’ll return the favour. Until our paths cross again- ‘ Kung Hei Fat Choi’

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