Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Bit of a Hiatus!

Hello there you lovely people. You may not have seen or heard from me for a while, but I'm off on my holidays at the moment, doing the rounds of Singapore and Eastern Australia. Now I would love to post lots of photos and regular memes and things, but I'm having a bit of a problem trying to upload things, so please forgive the absence!
If i do actually manage together some photos uploaded I shall certainly let you know..anyone know the easiest way to upload onto the blog page photos that are on my iPad? technophobe that I am, makes this a bit of a puzzle - and I'm sure it's really easy!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt for July

Joining in with Greenthumb at Made with love for this month's scavenger hunt.

 A bamboo stem that was growing in a pot.

C is for.
Cattle in a Culvert
Actually it's a water buffalo- but still it's cattle- Driving up the mountain road I spied her lying down in a little mud, trying to get cool. As you can see there hadn't been any rain for a whole as the culvert was empty and dry!

On the wall

Lots of bright and colourful graffiti on the wall... and if you look carefully, there's a coke on the wall too!

 Sweet maple syrup pancakes!

View of today
The view as I headed up the mountain road. It doesn't get much better than this!

In my bag..
Too much stuff!!! Hopefully it won't be over my weight allowance..even more so, I hope I will be able to carry it!

Plenty of levers on this motor bike.


Walking around Marina Bay Sands in Singapore


Liquid refreshment in the form of a Singapore sling!


The lovely swimming pool at a local hotel


We came across a baker making pastries..but then couldn't get a here's my other take on dough..slang for money!


We had lots of contenders for this category whilst we visited the zoo, but these guys were really cute.

That's it for another month..expect a few more Australia photos, now I've managed to put some on. Thanks for the I'm a happy little bunny.
Take care and have a good weekend
Amanda x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

That was the week that was...

Hi there. Hope everyone is doing ok. As you well know the last few weeks have been a little manic. I would like to think that things will settle down soon- but as I fly off on my hols tomorrow, somehow I don't think they will!

So I began searching through my photos to show you what I've been up to..and it kinda goes like this...
We started off with our primary production. After co-writing, producing and directing it, it was all a bit nerve racking to finally get it together. But the kids pulled it off and we were really proud of them. This my friend Ed and I, sat backstage reading through our scripts and prompts in the middle of the performance. We were the backstage crew, sitting in the wings and ushering kids on stage, moving props, stage blocks and generally making sure that things were running smoothly.

What you can't see on that photo is that I am sitting down for a reason as my foot was bandaged and a pair of crutches are just out of shot. When they say 'break a leg' before a performance I almost took it literally!.. I fell off the stage steps during rehearsals! Luckily it's only a sprain.. FOOL!!
The night after our production was our annual staff dinner and farewell do. 10 members of staff were leaving..and as you could imagine it was quite an emotional night- I only managed to say about 6 words of my leaving speech before becoming a blubbering wreck! 

The next day was my birthday! I could say that I had a very quiet and sedate affair of afternoon tea with friends that would be very apt for a women of my 47 years.Of this I did....
But I had also strutted my stuff on the dance floor and boogied on down with the best of them until the early hours of the morning. I was still in bandages at this time! The dancing may not have helped my sprained ankle but after some painkillers and a couple of glasses of wine who was I to complain:)

Then there were more goodbye nights out..

And a few more last visits to favourite places, 

Trips up the mountain..


And spending quality time with friends..
All in all  it's been a busy, but enjoyable time.

Busy doing all those jobs that need to be done..banking, packing, shipping, trips to the tax office, post office, taking people to the airport to say goodbye, more goodbyes, more airport trips..

Cramming in as much as possible.

But now the apartment keys are handed in, the case is packed, my passport and tickets are on hand.. because tomorrow the holiday REALLY starts!

See you in Oz

Friday, 18 July 2014

Six Word Friday- Chase

Chasing down dragonflies in the dirt.
(And no, he didn't catch it!  :)  )

Joining in with Adrienne for Six words Friday,
Amanda x

Monday, 14 July 2014

Time to Leave

Apologies galore for the absolutely shocking lack of posts here at Graham's landing. I could use lots of excuses- but ultimately it all comes down to the last few days of a mad term. Not just any term, but the final term in a year...and the final year of three here in Borneo. 
There's been smiles.
There's been tears.
Lots of good times 
and lots of goodbyes..
but now I feel I'm finally done. 
Time for a little 'staycation' in the place I've called home for the last three years. Time to be a tourist in my hometown and do a bit of relaxing before the real holidays and my final departure.
After the last couple of weeks of mayhem, I spent a day lazing at the beach my favourite place here in Sabah, Gaya Island. For those eagle eyed amongst you will know that this is the place on my header photograph..My own Graham's landing. It's a lovely, very quiet little place, somewhere to just sit and chill and do a bit of snorkling.
 We would always have the beach to ourselves, sit in the shade of the tree and just chill- Bliss!
Not so yesterday- others have obviously discovered the island too and a group of about 40 kids and adults joined us. 
Our peace might have been shattered by the joyous shouts of the children in then water, but they were having lots of fun. We were even serenaded by a group of guys strumming along to their guitar whilst sitting in the tree above us.
It might not have been the kind of day we expected, but still we all enjoyed it in our own little ways...and maybe it was just yet another sign to tell us that it's time to move on.
Amanda x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt- June

End of the month and time for another Scavenger Hunt hosted by that lovely lady we know as Greenthumb at madewithlove. This was another tricky month- but I got there in the end- almost!  It's all such a good excuse to get out and about and start snapping- Not that I ever need an excuse!

B is for
Boat: Catching a glimpse of a fishing boat through a life ring whilst on a boat!

On a Saturday morning at the festivities surrounding the Dragon Boat Festival

Blossom trying to eat her pasta with a spoon.

Some of our year 2 children had made felt hand puppets

You again!
The sight that greets me every morning at registration- oh no, not you again!

Shadows on the brackish water at the wetlands centre.

Our cute native Orangutan in his natural habitat

Calm as a mill pond

Man made
The mam made boardwalks over the mangrove swamp

 An open window

Freshly baked steam pau

Soccer- Yep I confess, in this football mad month I actually failed to get any pictures of soccer. Even at school the boys were playing basketball instead- so better luck next time I think!

See you soon, Thanks for popping by,
Amanda x